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Mr. Raj Kishore Soni

Managing Director, Dashrath Prasad Group and Chairman, Geomin Coal Energy Ltd.- Africa
Mr. Raj Kishore Soni possesses the fire, acumen, and relentlessness of an entrepreneur who is at the top his game. With over two decades of experience, Mr. Soni’s achievements speak volumes for themselves. He had a vision of creating a sustainable and successful multinational company which led to the inception of the Dashrath Prasad Group.

Mr. Soni is the founder of Dashrath Prasad Group and is successfully leading this company to reach new heights with his strategic choices, effective decision making and exemplary execution style. After setting up a robust business network in the fertilizer business, he marched on to conquer other sectors such as Mining, Healthcare and Engineering.



Mr. Raj Kumar

President (Projects), Dashrath Prasad Group
With a series of successful ventures under his belt, Mr. Raj Kumar is the President (Projects) of Dashrath Prasad Group and one of the key advisors of the company. The company’s success is a testament to the strong direction and guidance that has come from him. It is under his school of thought that the company has reached such heights. His key role involves making strategic decisions for the company.

Mr. Raj Kumar is a Science and Law Graduate and has more than 35 years of experience in the fertilizer industry.


Mr. Krishna N.V.

Executive Director, Dashrath Prasad Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.
Backed with over 35 years of experience in agro-based fertilizer industry, Mr. Krishna has developed a deep understanding of the technical and business-oriented challenges that clients face in this sector. Leveraging that experience, he has developed a strong and loyal network of dealers and customers for Dashrath Prasad Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.

As a member of the board of directors, he has not only developed and implemented strategic plans for the company but has also helped maintain value-based relationships with our customers and created a strong barrier for the competition.

Mr. Krishna is an active member of the Andhra Pradesh NPK Mixed Fertilizer Association.


Mr. A. P. Prashanth

Director, Geomin Coal Energy Ltd. – Africa
A seasoned professional in mining industry, Mr. Prashanth has been leading business acquisitions, mergers and implementation of mining projects. As the Director of Geomin Coal Energy Ltd.- Africa, he brings his two decades of extensive experience in business and mining as well as an established professional network in the mining industry. He looks after the mining interests of the company in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.

Mr. Prashanth holds a degree in commerce. After completing his academics in 1996, he started working as an entrepreneur. He has worked in mining sector throughout his career and has handled coal mining in Indonesia, iron ore mining in Brazil and India, and Copper mining in Tanzania and Zambia.

He had also been involved with exports in the granite industry: granite quarrying, granite exports to the USA markets and to Australian markets, and exporting iron ore to steel mills in China.


Mr. Tarun Rautela

Managing Director, Geomin Coal Energy-Africa

An exploration and mining maven, he has worked over two decades in Exploration and Mining Sector worldwide, includes Diamond, Base Metals, Iron Ore, Coal and Industrial Minerals. He has also played key roles in the corporate management, strategic management, public relationships, negotiations, strategic international partnerships/ joint venture and project funding.

As a Managing Director in Geomin Coal Energy, where he is responsible for developing a flagship Coal Project in Zambia, where he has successfully established 388 million tons inferred resources in the granted license. Further, collaborative plans to establish a 600 MW Power Plant during its timeline there to enhance the projected growth pattern.

Prior to this role from 1999 to 2015, He had played many key roles within the multi-disciplinary teams on a wide range of global projects with Anglo American, De Beers Group of Companies, and SRK Consulting in South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Namibia, Russia, Australia and India.

He holds M.Sc. Geology from Kumaun University and M.Sc. Tech Applied Geology from Mohan Lal lavendertwins Sukhadia University, India.


Mrs. Nagalakshmi

Director, Geomin Coal Energy Ltd. – Africa
Mrs. Nagalakshmi brings 14 years of experience working at multinational companies like Mphasis, IBM, and Accenture. With her keen sense of management and strategy, she has helped set up world-class organizational structures and human resource policies, vastly improving operational efficiency. She has also ensured strict adherence to labor laws and has been successful in attracting the best of talent available in the industry.

As an HR business leader, she has played a key role in shaping the human resource operations for Geomin. Her guidance and policies are helping the company march towards its goals.


Dr. B. Sekar

Chief Geologist, Geomin Coal Energy Ltd.
Dr. B. Sekar, M.Sc. (Geology), Ph.D., joined Geomin Coal Energy Ltd. as the Chief Geologist to provide advisory and planning assistance in running the company’s operations.

Dr. Sekar is well versed with geochemical and geophysical ground survey and is competent to handle independently the geological and remote sensing projects of any size and magnitude. From 1991 to 2016, he worked as the Principal Geological Consultant to EIA projects of Woodward Clyde, Lyon, France. He visited Department of Geology, Washington State University 1987-88 to process NASA’s Landset Satellite data of his thesis area as to complete his doctorate from University of Madras.

As an individual, he’s like an open book. A person who is in touch with his spiritual side and this is what gives him the unprecedented focus that has helped him achieve such successful endeavors.


Mr. Ramesh Reddy

Director, Geomin Global Ventures Namibia (Pty) Ltd
After taking on challenging roles such as Production Manager of diamond cutting and polishing in Motiganz Diamond Group and DIMICO Diamonds, Mr. Reddy has now taken over as the Director of Geomin Global Ventures Namibia (Pty) Ltd. He is in-charge of planning and executing our diamond business in Namibia with the key role of identifying potential fields for grouping diamond assets for the company in that region.

Mr. Reddy is a B.Com from GIA, DGL and has certification of Diamond Grading Lab (DGL) 4C from GIA.


Ms. Srashti Soni

Director,  Dashrath Prasad Industries Pvt. Ltd.
She is a young, enthusiastic member of our team. She completed her graduation in Business Management, after which she trained on the job with Dashrath Prasad Group. Carrying a lot of energy and numerous innovative ideas in her bag, she developed to be of great significance in various projects of Dashrath Prasad Group. She also holds a directorship in Geomin Fields India Pvt. Ltd. And Dashrath Prasad Organic foods Pvt. Ltd.