Dashrath Prasad Group operates diverse businesses across India, South Africa, Zambia, and Namibia, spanning across fertilizers, agriculture, minerals and mining, engineering.

Sustainable development is part of our corporate philosophy and a core principle in our decision-making process. Our framework of sustainable development is built on the three pillars of environmental, social, and ecological goals.

We are a company that works in partnership with local communities and respects traditions. We believe technological progress can work hand in hand with customs that date back to generations. Therefore, we use sustainable technology and renewable energy in our entire production chain.

• Fertilizer
• Mining
• Engineering


We follow guidelines for crop nutrient management laid down by the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) to increase productivity while also being environment-friendly. These prescribe the 4Rsright source, right rate, right time, and the right place.

For years, Dashrath Prasad Fertilisers has produced different grades of soil nutrients that follow the 4R principles and provide customised solutions to our customers. Additionally, our field staff works hard to educate farmers about these tenets. This leads to the use of a balanced mix of organic manure and chemical fertilisers to improve soil quality, increase its water retention power, and, thus, achieve optimum production.

Besides this, we have also been using eco-friendly biomass briquettes as furnace fuel. We also recently replaced power-guzzling halide lamps with energy-efficient LED lamps, leading to a 66 percent reduction in our energy bill. And we provide better lighting and a safer, healthier workplace.



Geomin Fields India Pvt. Ltd., the mining arm of the DP Group, has adopted the cardinal principles of the International Council of Mines and Metals (ICMM). These focus on ethical business practices and managing risk in a scientific way, while also upholding human rights and conserving biodiversity and the local ecosystems.


Our engineering division, Dashrath Prasad Businesses Pvt. Ltd., has always followed smart and sustainable engineering practices. We believe in pragmatic use and reuse of available resources. We are also strong advocates of safety among our employees as well as our customers.