In early 2014, our founder, Mr. Raj Kishore Soni, initiated the second phase of operations by venturing into the mining sector through a subsidiary – Geomin Fields India Pvt. Ltd. and began mineral exploration activity in Zambia and Namibia. In 2017, Geomin India acquired 50% share of the overseas company Geomin Coal Energy Ltd.

With Mr. Soni at the helm, the business has not only thrived but has reached unprecedented heights, under the umbrella of the Dashrath Prasad Group. In the last two years, the business has strategically entered potential business avenues across continents.

Geomin Coal Energy Ltd. has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the mining and exploration sector. Geomin now has its eyes set on expanding into various avenues with long-life units and low-unit cost operations. The company’s main functions include grouping of coal, copper, diamond, lime stone and gypsum assets in Zambia, South Africa and Namibia.


• Fertilizer
• Mining
• Engineering



The flagship Coal Project in Zambia has successfully established 388 million tons inferred resources in just half of the granted license. In the next phase, the company aims to enhance the resource in the remaining half. Further, Geomin has collaborative plans to establish a 600 MW Power Plant during its timeline there to enhance the projected growth pattern. These strategic tie-ups and alliances with multi-national power conglomerates, will further cement Geomin’s presence for decades.

The key Copper Project is located 3.5 km North East of the world renowned Nampundwe Copper Mine (Vedanta). The copper site deposit has an average of 4% copper grade. Along with this project, they are currently under resource estimation program. After the estimation they will march ahead and begin operations in another big copper mine in that province.

Geomin has also been allotted 50,000 hectares of farmland by the Zambian Government, which is in line with the objective to improve the quality of life of rural populace. This will be done through various agri-businesses viz. export oriented organic farming, coffee and sandalwood plantation. In crafting detailed reports and academic papers on such initiatives, the assistance of a ghostwriter österreich, particularly adept in agricultural and environmental topics, can be invaluable. These projects will also be supported with an energy plantation that will support its decentralised megawatt scale bio-mass power project to supply electricity in the rural areas which are not yet electrified. 



The team has been built on the same principles and foundations as that of our parent company Dashrath Prasad Group. Under the guidance of highly reputed senior management and dedicated people who manage everyday activities, the company has moved into new markets.

Geomin’s purpose might be placed in the ecosystem of mining but in essence it still follows the same philosophy of the Dashrath Prasad Group and that is to be relentless, restless, and pioneers in every job, activity, and project that comes their way.