7 Olympic Athlete Partners Who’ve Dated — Plus Some Whom Actually Had Gotten Hitched

The Olympics owe their popularity to more compared to the (admittedly strong) benefit of watching elite sports athletes perform their own thing. Folks simply cannot get enough of the tradition surrounding the events: The orifice service, behind-the-scenes Snapchats, as well as, all of the
Olympians just who date both.
Everybody loves romance, but everybody else


love between ultra-competitive athletes within the most useful form of their unique life.

Everytime the Olympic Games come around, headlines explode with speculations concerning athletes’ individual resides, typically after pointing out that the locations deliver free of charge condoms from inside the Olympic Village. (This year’s matter:
Nine million green condoms,
450,000 of which will be
provided to players and personnel
inside the community.) More than a few sports athletes have alluded to
blowing off steam
through the video game; prior to the 2012 Olympics in London, swimmer Ryan Lochte told ESPN, “My personal final Olympics,
I’d a girlfriend
— huge error. I am just solitary, so London is great. I am excited.”

But it is not totally all anxiety comfort and success sex. Sometimes, the players fall in love with their particular man Olympians and still see each other after everyone else goes their separate steps. Listed here are seven Olympic couples that have dated or become wedded — including the specifically cinematic tale of several who will be presently teammates.

1. Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi

Al Bello/Getty Graphics Sport/Getty Images

World-famous German golf member Steffi Graf features claimed four Olympic medals, including two golds; in 1999, she was actually
given the Olympic Order
. American tennis pro Andre Agassi is equally well-regarded, and he
claimed a gold medal
in 1996. The couple
married in 2001
and then stays in nevada, Nevada, due to their two young children.

2. Jamie Anderson & Tyler Nicholson

Although Tyler Nicholson is actually an
up-and-coming Canadian snowboarder
whom competed in the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics, Jamie Anderson demonstrated by herself at 2014 Sochi Olympics, where she
acquired 1st gold medal
in slopestyle snowboarding. Based on the professionals United States Of America adult website for couples found at a bar in British Columbia while having already been online dating for longer than a-year.
“I became absolutely crushing
on him for some time before we started dating,” she mentioned.

3. Gary di Silvestri & Angelica Morrone di Silvestri

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In accordance with


, the two oldest professional athletes on 2014 video games
happened to be already hitched
if they went to the Olympics in Sochi. Although they’re Italian, they displayed Dominica in cross-country skiing within country’s request; they’d been granted citizenship in the united kingdom for altruistic work years before.

4. Laura & Greg Bennett

Like some of the partners with this list, Laura and Greg Bennett
competed in identical sport
for different nations: They may be both triathletes, but Laura is American and Greg is Australian — or had been, until the guy became a U.S. resident in 2011. The couple found in 2000, and Laura credits the woman husband’s presence as an element of her grounds for following the activity. “I
am uncertain
where my life would have used me personally had we not met, but i’m very thankful daily that people did,” she told the



5. Olga Fikotová & Hal Connolly

Throughout cool conflict, Czech discus thrower Olga Fikotová and United states hammer thrower Hal Connolly had a much-publicized relationship following the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. Their particular courtship was
applauded and criticized in equal quantities
, as well as the Czech government over repeatedly brushed down their unique application to marry. Based on the

Arizona Post

, the couple’s wedding ceremony in Prague ended up being attended by 30,000 folks. The two divorced in 1974.

6. Helen Richardson-Walsh and Kate Richardson-Walsh

Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh have a
movie-ready love story:
The British field hockey members are teammates together with spouses. They partnered in 2013, advising the

Everyday Mail

that their particular additional teammates haven’t any trouble with their particular union.
“It’s good
that people can have a good laugh about it,” Kate informed the



7. Kristi Yamaguchi & Bret Hedican

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Pictures Entertainment/Getty Images

Bret Hedican is actually an effective previous hockey player, however you’re prone to acknowledge Kristi Yamaguchi, exactly who famously
claimed gold for figure skating
in 1992. The couple met a single day after she acquired the lady medal, even so they
failed to start internet dating
until 1995. They partnered in 2000, plus they currently have two daughters collectively.

Image: Wikimedia Commons